Challenging Dogs Pet Care

How we do it

Pre-Service Zoom Consultation

The first step in our process is to meet with you via Zoom for a free Pre-Service Consultation to collect information and discuss your service needs. The most important information is about your dog’s challenging behaviors but we also ask about activity level, food allergies, sleeping habits, medications, comfort level home alone, and comfort level in the car.  We will discuss the goals you have for your dog.

Getting to Know You Visits

The next step before regular services can begin are what we like to call “Getting to Know You” (GTKY) Visits.  These 30-minute visits are designed to introduce your dog(s) to their new care provider and to start building a trusting relationship. Initially, a senior staff member will accompany your new care provider.  The number of GTKY visits needed will be determined by the senior staff member and will depend on your dog(s) comfort level.  Upon completion of all needed GTKY visits, regular services can begin.

Fear Free Philosophy and Techniques

At Challenging Dogs Pet Care, we practice Fear Free care.  We do not use aversive equipment or techniques. Our goal is to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress.