Challenging Dogs Pet Care

How we do it

Collect Information

Before a boarding, daycare or walking, we will meet with you and your dog to collect information. The most important information is about your dog’s fears, but we also ask about activity level, food allergies, sleeping habits, medications, comfort level home alone, and comfort level in the car.

Have a Secure and Safe Home

All pet sitters will have a back up barrier to prevent any escape attempts when entering or exiting their house. They will also provide floor coverings for dogs who are nervous about slippery floors and stairs.

Use Non-Aversive Equipment

We will always use flat or martingale collars or harnesses for walking. Using a prong, shock or choke collar on your dog can worsen the reaction they have to other dogs and people. 

Train for Calm Behavior

Our goal for walking your dog is to prevent any reactions to scary things (other dogs and people).  We make sure there is enough distance to prevent a reaction and then connect the sight of scary things with lots of treats for calm behavior.

Identify Your Goals

We will discuss the goals you have for your dog during boarding, daycare or walking. Do you just want to make sure your dog is safe and comfortable or do you want our pet sitters to work on calm behavior when other dogs or people are in sight?

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